This life will get the better of me -- hugh x esther
  • Esther: *gingerly taps on the door* ...Mr, uh- Professor Whitfield?
  • Hugh: ...
  • Esther: *taps again, listening intently for an answer* ... Hugh? *glances down the corridor and sighs, pressing her hand flush to the planes of the door*
  • Hugh: ... Esther, I know you mean well, but I'm- *heavy sigh from beyond the close door, shaking at it's end signifying tears shed and a throat raw with racking sobs* ... I'm very... Busy. With... Marking midterms and-
  • Esther: He told me what happened.
  • Hugh: *shuffling from his seat and ambling towards the door, he swiped tears from his cheeks and sucked in a steadying breath before pulling the door open, and hiding behind the panel* please... Come in. Take a seat, Ms Cohen. *he sniffed, careful to conceal his face from the hoards of students surging through the corridor. He pressed the door firmly shut behind her, his hands pressed flush to the unforgiving pane of wood*
  • Esther: *she walked in, hesitated and perched on the edge of Hugh's desk, setting her folder to one side and dropping her handbag to her feet* Jesus. Hugh I'm-
  • Hugh: *his shoulders stiffened, and he refused to turn away from the solace of a closed door. He interjected* ... Don't say it.
  • Esther: Ok... Ok. *she quavered, searching the expanse of his shoulders and watching as his fingers spread and feathered over the rough grain of the door*
  • Hugh: ...How is he?
  • Esther: He asked the same of you...
  • Hugh: How. Is. He?
  • Esther: He's in bits, Hugh. He's trying to move forwards and make it work for the sake of that blasted match letter...
  • Hugh: *a silent sob, the image of a man shattered and hunched with his forehead against the door. Tears escaped his check and his face screwed into a grimace of an expression, rendering his soul bare for all to see. The inhuman noise that escaped his mouth echoed through his office*
  • Esther: Good GOD! *She lurched forwards, catching him as he sunk. Gathering him into her arms as he collapsed into a writhing mess of soul destroying agony*
  • Hugh: Jesus, I'm glad it's you. He can never see me like this, Esther. He can never know. *he sobbed into her cardigan, gripping her garments with white knuckled fury*
  • Esther: He said the same thing. *She rubbed soothing circles at the nape of his neck, just allowing the emotional tide to wash over him. He convulsed in her embrace, tremors and violent sobs that were barely indistinguishable from each other*
  • Hugh: It's so... Wrong.
  • Esther: It is.
  • Hugh: I just... I-
  • Esther: I know, Hugh. Atticus does too. He is feeling so alone, and there is absolutely nothing I can do to fix this. God I want to. I wish I could take it all away. But- The system has spoken and... As much as you love each other, it means zip to them. They don't care. It doesn't match with their algorithms, or their database. You are pawns in the greater, twisted game... I'm so sorry.
  • Hugh: I don't know what I'm going to do without him.
  • Esther: You're going to carry on. You owe him that much, just like he owes it to you to try and make his match work. Christ it sounds perverse, doesn't it. Asking you both to move on. I hate this.
  • Hugh: ... It really is shit. *sniff* Pardon my language.
  • Esther: Hugh, he loves you. He loves you far and beyond anything. You are his world, and his reason for breathing just like he is yours. I know you love him. Christ, you stood up to me... That says everything. That love? That is something they can never take away, and they can never take your memories...

Watching you — Hugh x Esther

…Come in.

Professor Whitfield…

Esther how ar-

You don’t get to ask me that, not after what you’ve done.

Please, sit.

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How to kill someone;


Hold their hand and then never touch their skin again,
See them nearly everyday and pretend they don’t exist,
Act like everything you ever said to them was a lie.

posted 1 month ago

posted 1 month ago

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…Here’s looking at you, Cole. You disgusting excuse for an angel |: